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The state of Florida is situated on a peninsula bordering the Gulf of Mexico on its West and the Atlantic Ocean on its East. Florida is the only state that borders both these water bodies along with boasting the longest coastline in United States. If beautiful beaches fail to attract tourists and local admirers, there is always the year round tropical weather that does the job. The education system, too, lives up to all the goodness the state of Florida has to offer. The annual tuition fee in 2010, at eleven public universities in Florida, was the third lowest in the country! If you are looking to complete your Physician Assistant program in Florida, then make sure to prepare yourself to enjoy the fabulous beaches, wonderful weather, and an excellent education. According to the US Statistics, there are about 4,230 Physician Assistants working in Florida and their median annual salary is approximately $93,000.   Here are some of the popular universities and colleges that offer Physician Assistant programs in Florida. The institutes are arranged according to their ranking, which were provided by US News & World Report in 2011.

University of Florida : Just like the state itself, the University that dons the name of the state, too, is remarkable in its own right. University of Florida is the oldest university in Florida and has a score of 3.1 out of 5 and a rank of 43. With a 2,000-acre campus and more than 900 buildings, it is known to be the most comprehensive universities in the area. It is located in Gainesville and offers the Physician Assistant programs at the Master’s and Certificate levels. For more information, call (352) 265-7955 or email

Nova Southeastern University : The Nova Southeastern University has eight different locations across Florida, out of which, only four locations offer their Physician Assistants program. The newest addition to their University campuses is the campus at Fort Myers, which is pleased to offer a fully accredited Physician Assistant  program at the Master’s level. The Physician Assistant program alone takes up about 60,000 square foot area of the institute. With a maximum enrollment of 64 students, this University ensures that there is a low student-to-instructor ratio. Hence, it is not surprising to know that this institute is ranked at 70 and has a score of 2.8/5.0. Any specific program or registration related questions should be directed to or at (239) 274-1020.

Barry University : Located in Miami Shores, this University lets students choose their Physician Assistant program Degrees between a Certificate and a Master’s Degree. This University ranks at 102 and at the third position in our list with a score of 2.5. Contact them at (305) 899-3296 or at Their website  can be found here.

Nova Southeastern University : Another location for the same University, which offers the Physician Assistant program at Master’s level, is at Fort Lauderdale. This location is ranked relatively lower than the one at Fort Myers at 108 and has a score of 2.4/5. With a 900,000 square foot campus at this location, the low student-to-faculty ratio is still maintained with a larger faculty for the relatively larger class sizes of 75-80 students. For questions specific to this location, you can call them at (954) 262-1250 or email at Make sure to visit their website .

Two other Physician Assistant schools  of the same university are located in Jacksonville and Orlando. The ratings and scores for these locations are not known. Both these campuses offer Physician Assistant programs  at the Master’s level. The location-specific contact information is as follows: The phone number and email address for the Jacksonville location are (904) 245-8990 and Follow this link  for their website. The campus at Orlando can be contacted at (407) 264-5150 or Their website  can be reached here.

Keiser University and South University –Tampa : These are some additional Universities known for offering the graduate Master’s PA programs in Florida. The Keiser University is located in Fort Lauderdale while South University –Tampa is located in Tampa. The ratings and rankings for both these Universities are unknown. For more information about the programs at Keiser University, call (954) 776-4456 or email If you want to learn more about the University, visit their website  here. For any information regarding the South University at Tampa, call (813) 393-3720 or email More information about the school, its programs, and various locations across the country can be found here .

Miami Dade College : This College is located in Miami and offers the Associate’s Degree in Physician Assistant programs. It is the largest institution of higher education in the country with 8 campuses and over 174,000 registered students. Currently, there is no ranking or score associated with this college. If you have any questions regarding the school or the programs, make sure to check their FAQ section on their website . If you cannot find answers on their website, then call them at (305) 237-4124 or email

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